World Climate Research Programme
Climate Variability and Predictability Programme
Working Group on Seasonal to Interannual Prediction

Please note the enhanced SMIP2 experimental protocols.

The Working Group on Seasonal to Interannual Prediction (WGSIP)  has relaxed the initial condition and lead time requirements for SMIP2 in order to encompass the range of forecast protocols actively in use in the SIP community and to facilitate wider participation.

1. Seasonal Prediction Model Intercomparison Project-2

Groups are invited to participate in either or both of SMIP2 and SMIP2/HFP. Click on the links for more information.


1st and 2nd season potential predictability based on initial conditions and the AGCM response to specified observed values of SST and sea-ice.


1st season actual predictability based on initial conditions and the AGCM response to predicted values of SST and sea-ice or based on the results of a coupled atmosphere-ocean forecast system.

*Please register your intention to participate in SMIP2 and/or SMIP2/HFP by sending an e-mail to George Boer ( The e-mail should include the following items:

(1) Name of your institute: e.g., National Center for Atmospheric Research)
(2) Model / Version name: 
(3) Horizontal resolution:  (e.g., spectral truncation T42, or 4ox5o lat x long)
(4) Number of vertical levels/type:  (e.g., L28 hybrid, L18 sigma)

(5) References: (e.g., full citation information of recent papers that describe your model)

(6) Official Contact: (e.g., name, address, email, phone, fax)

Please indicate if you wish to participate in SMIP-2 and/or SMIP-2/HFP

* List of Registrants:

*New Target date: for  submission of data is April 2006.

2. Diagnostic subprojects

The WGSIP solicits proposals for Diagnostic Subprojects related to SMIP2 and SMIP2/HFP. Diagnostic subprojects have been an integral part of AMIP and CMIP intercomparisons as described on the PCMDI web site. We ask researchers to check if the available model output is suitable for their project, to read the participation and collaboration protocol, and to email a brief description of their project, not to exceed 1-2 pages in length, to George Boer ( An SMIP2 Panel will review proposed subprojects with a view to avoiding overlap and promoting coordinated investigation.

3. SMIP Workshop

A Workshop on Seasonal to Interannual Prediction is anticipated in the first half of 2007 which will focus on SMIP and other available seasonal/interannual  prediction results. The Workshop is expected to influence the next step in the evolution of seasonal forecasting research by influencing the proposed COPES First Experiment which aims for an SMIP/HFP-like coordinated seasonal forecasting experiment using a range of coupled atmosphere-ocean-land models.

4. Access to Currently Available Data SMIP2 at IRI

5. Addition Data Sets Consistent with SMIP Protocol