COLA Technical Reports

  1. Ocean Wave Dynamics and El Niño. E. K. Schneider, B. Huang, & J. Shukla, April 1994, 46 pp.
  2. Flux Correction and Equilibrium Climate. E. K. Schneider, April 1994, 12 pp.
  3. The Effect on Climate of Doubling Deserts. P. A. Dirmeyer, & J. Shukla, June 1994, 61 pp.
  4. A Comparison of Two Surface Wind Stress Analyses over the Tropical Atlantic during 1980-1987. B. Huang, & J. Shukla, June 1994, 46 pp.
  5. A Pilot Reanalysis Project at COLA. D. Paolino, Q. Yang, B. Doty, J. L. Kinter III, J. Shukla, & D. Straus, July 1994, 46 pp.
  6. GCM Simulations of the Life Cycles of the 1988 US Drought and Heatwave. M. J. Fennessy, J. L. Kinter III, L. Marx, E. K. Schneider, P. J. Sellers, & J. Shukla, July 1994, 68 pp.
  7. Land-Sea Geometry and its Effect on Monsoon Circulations. P. A. Dirmeyer, August 1994, 39 pp.
  8. The response of an Ocean GCM to Surface Wind Stress Produced by an Atmospheric GCM. B. Huang, & E. K. Schneider, September 1994, 56 pp.
  9. Meeting on Problems in Initializing Soil Wetness: Review. P. A. Dirmeyer, January 1995, 33pp.
  10. Experimental Multi-Season ENSO Predictions with an Anomaly Coupled General Circulation Model. Z. Zhu and E. K. Schneider, May 1995, 28pp.
  11. The Impact of Desertification in the Mongolian and the Inner Mongolian Grassland on the East Asian Monsoon. Yongkang Xue, May 1995, 50pp.
  12. Annual Cycle and ENSO in a Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Model. Edwin K. Schneider, Zhengxin Zhu, Benjamin S. Giese, Bohua Huang, Ben P. Kirtman, J. Shukla, James A. Carton, May 1995, 57pp.
  13. Improvement in Stratosphere and Upper-Troposphere Simulation with a Hybrid Isentropic-Sigma Coordinate GCM. Zhengxin Zhu and Edwin K. Schneider, June 1995, 45pp.
  14. Factors Determining the Precipitation Distribution and Low-Level Flow in the Tropics of an Atmospheric General Circulation Model: Diagnostic Studies. David G. DeWitt, Edwin K. Schneider, and Anandu D. Vernekar, June 1995, 56pp.
  15. Multiseasonal Predictions with a Coupled Tropical Ocean Global Atmosphere System. Ben P. Kirtman, J. Shukla, Bohua Huang, Zhengxin Zhu, and Edwin K. Schneider, June 1995, 59pp.
  16. An Examination of the AGCM Simulated Surface Wind Stress and Low Level Winds Over the Tropical Pacific Ocean. Bohua Huang and J. Shukla, August 1995, 42pp.
  17. Model Based Estimates of Equatorial Pacific Wind Stress. Ben P. Kirtman, Edwin K. Schneider and Bernard Kirtman, August 1995, 58pp.
  18. Impact of Vegetation Properties on U.S. Summer Weather Prediction. Yongkang Xue, Michael J. Fennessy and Piers Sellers,August 1995, 41pp.
  19. Wave-CISK, The Evaporation-Wind Feedback, and the Intraseasonal Oscillation: Phase Propagation and Scale Selection. Ben P. Kirtman and Anandu D. Vernekar,August 1995.
  20. Intercomparison of Atmospheric Model Wind Stress with Three Different Convective Parameterizations: Sensitivity of Tropical Pacific Ocean Simulations. Ben P. Kirtman and David G. DeWitt,September 1995, 51 pp.
  21. Variations of Mid-Latitude Transient Dynamics Associated with ENSO. David M. Straus and J. Shukla,September 1995, 49 pp.
  22. Tropical Influence on Global Climate. Edwin K. Schneider, Richard S. Lindzen and Ben P. Kirtman, February 1996, 29pp.
  23. Precipitation and Water Vapor Transport Simulated by a Hybrid Isentropic-Sigma GCM. Zhengxin Zhu,March 1996, 37 pp.
  24. Predictability and Error Growth in a Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Model. J. Shukla and Ben P. Kirtman, March 1996, 11 pp.
  25. Diagnosis of the Mid-Latitude Baroclinic Regime in the NASA DAO Reanalyses and ECMWF Operation Analyses David M. Straus and Dan Paolino, March 1996, 48 pp.
  26. Proceedings of the Workshop on Dynamics and Statistics of Secular Climate Variations: Miramare - Trieste, Italy; 4 - 8 December 1995 Editors: James L. Kinter III and Edwin K. Schneider, April 1996.
  27. The Effect of Cumulus Convection on the Climate of the COLA General Circulation Model, David DeWitt, May 1996, 58pp.
  28. Oceanic Rossby Waves and the ENSO Period in a Coupled Model , Ben P. Kirtman, May 1996, 49 pp.
  29. Biosphere Feedback on Regional Climate in Tropical North Africa, Yongkang Xue, June 1996.
  30. Characteristics of the Interannual and Decadal Variability in a General Circulation Model, Bohua Huang and J. Shukla, July 1996, 55pp.
  31. Scale Dependent Forcings of a General Circulation Model, David Straus and Yuhong Yi, July 1996, 34pp.
  32. ENSO Simulation and Prediction with a Hybrid Coupled Model, Ben P. Kirtman and Stephen E. Zebiak, August 1996, 50pp.
  33. Seasonal Atmospheric Prediction, Larry Marx and Michael J. Fennessy, August 1996, 34pp.
  34. Impact of Initial Soil Wetness on Seasonal Atmospheric Prediction, Michael J. Fennessy and J. Shukla, August 1996, 37pp.
  35. The Earth Radiation Budget as Simulated by the COLA GCM, David G. DeWitt and Edwin K. Schneider, November 1996, 39pp.
  36. A Note on the Annual Cycle of Sea Surface Temperature at the Equator, Edwin K. Schneider, December 1996, 16pp.
  37. Sensitivity of the Simulated Annual Cycle of Sea Surface Temperature in the Equatorial Pacific to Sunlight Penetration.Edwin K. Schneider and Zhengxin Zhu, March 1997, 37pp.
  38. A Global Ocean Data Analysis for 1986-1992. Bohua Huang and James L. Kinter III, March 1997, 62pp.
  39. ENSO Hindcasts with a Coupled GCM. Edwin Schneider, Zhengxin Zhu, David DeWitt, Bohua Huang, and Ben Kirtman, April 1997, 40pp.
  40. GCM Simulations of Intraseasonal Variability in the Indian Summer Monsoon. R. Krishnan and M.J. Fennessy, April 1997, 54pp.
  41. Model Simulation of the Influence of Global SST Anomalies on the Sahel Rainfall. Yongkang Xue and Jagadish Shukla, April 1997, 25pp.
  42. Predicting Wintertime Skill from Ensemble Characteristics in the NCEP Medium Range Forecasts over North America. Paul A. Dirmeyer, Brian E. Doty and James L. Kinter III, April 1997, 31pp.
  43. Decadal Variability in ENSO Predictability and Prediction. Ben P. Kirtman and Paul S. Schopf, May 1997, 43pp.
  44. Simulations of the Climate with a Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere General Circulation Model: Seasonal Cycle and Adjustment to Mean Climate. David G. DeWitt and Edwin K. Schneider, July 1997, 64pp.
  45. Upper Tropospheric Water Vapor and Climate Sensitivity. Edwin K. Schneider, Ben P. Kirtman and Richard S. Lindzen, August 1997, 40pp.
  46. A Broad Scale Circulation Index for the Interannual Variability of the Indian Summer Monsoon. B.N. Goswami, V. Krishnamurthy, and H. Annamalai, September 1997, 52pp.
  47. Assessing GCM Sensitivity to Soil Wetness Using GSWP Data, Paul A. Dirmeyer, September 1997, 26pp.
  48. A Two Dimensional Implementation of the Simple Biosphere (SiB) Model, Paul A. Dirmeyer and Fanrong Zeng, September 1997, 30pp.
  49. Using SST Anomalies to Predict Flood and Drought Conditions for the Caribbean, A. Chen, A. Roy, J. McTavish, M.Taylor and L. Marx, September 1997, 41pp.
  50. A Forecast of Precipitation and Surface Air Temperature in North America for Winter (JFM) 1998, J. Shukla, Dan Paolino, Ben Kirtman, David DeWitt, Paul Dirmeyer, Brian Doty, Mike Fennessy, Bohua Huang, James Kinter, Larry Marx, Edwin Schneider, David Straus, Z. Zhu, September 1997, 14pp.
  51. The COLA Atmosphere-Biosphere General Circulation Model Volume 1: Formulation, James L. Kinter III, David DeWitt, Paul A. Dirmeyer, Michael J. Fennessy, Ban P. Kirtman, Larry Marx, Edwin K. Schneider, J. Shukla and David Straus, October 1997, 46pp.
  52. Climatology and Interannual Variability of Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover and Depth Based on Satellite Observations, A.S. Bamzai and J.L. Kinter III, November 1997, 48pp.
  53. Relation Between Eurasian Snow Cover, Snow Depth and the Indian Summer Monsoon: An Observational Study, A. Bamzai and J. Shukla, February 1998, 42pp.
  54. Influence of the Indian Summer Monsoon on ENSO, B. Kirtman and J. Shukla , May 1998, 52pp.
  55. A Fundamental Limitation of Markov Models, T. DelSole, May 1998, 32pp.
  56. The Tropical Ocean Response to a Change in Orbital Forcing, D. DeWitt and E.K. Schneider, July 1998, 55pp.
  57. Modeling the Effects of Vegetation on Mediterranean Climate During the Roman Classical Period Part I: Climate History and Model Sensitivity, O. Reale and P. Dirmeyer, August 1998, 47pp.
  58. Modeling the Effects of Vegetation on Mediterranean Climate During the Roman Classical Period Part II: Climate History and Model Simulation, O. Reale and J. Shukla, August 1998, 68pp.
  59. A Dissipation Integral with Application to Ocean Diffusivities and Structure, E. Schneider and U. Bhatt, September 1998, 37pp.
  60. Geophysical Turbulence in the Reanalyses of ECMWF , D. Straus and P. Ditlevsen, October 1998, 50pp.
  61. Simulations of a Boreal Grassland Hydrology at Valdai, Russia: PILPS Phase 2(d) , C. A. Schlosser and Collaborators, October 1998, 47pp.
  62. Monsoon-ENSO Relationship on Interdecadal Time Scale , V. Krishnamurthy and B.N. Goswami, October 1998, 55pp.
  63. Seasonal Prediction Experiments with a Regional Model Nested in a Global Model , M.J. Fennessy and J. Shukla December 1998, 52pp.
  64. A Spontaneously Generated Atmospheric General Circulation , B.P. Kirtman and Edwin K. Schneider March 1999, 50pp.
  65. GCM Simulation of the relationship between spring Eurasian snow and Indian summer monsoon ,A.S. Bamzai and L. Marx March 1999, 46pp.
  66. Distinguishing Between the SST-forced Variability and Internal Variability and internal Variability in Mid-Latitudes: Analysis of Observations and GCM Simulations , D.M. Straus and J. Shukla April 1999, 54pp.
  67. Dynamical Seasonal Predictions with the COLA Atmospheric model , J. Shukla, D.A. Paolino, D.M. Straus, D. DeWitt, M. Fennessey, J.L. Kinter, L. Marx, and R. Mo May 1999, 42pp.
  68. Using a Global Soil Wetness Data Set to Improve Seasonal Climate Simulation ,P. Dirmeyer May 1999, 42pp.
  69. Intraseasonal and Interannual Variability of Rainfall over India ,V. Krishnamurthy and J. Shukla August 1999, 34pp.
  70. A Model for Transient Eddy Momentum Fluxes in the Upper Troposphere Timothy DelSole September 1999, 33pp.
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